Field research

The process of digitization follows certain steps:

  • On site research using high precision GIS data collection device (Hi-Target Qmini A7)
  • Observation through satellites images and satellites systems
  • Use of Greece DEM

Data production

AcessLab IT Services produces thematic layers (shapefiles) based on the process of digitization and basemaps that are incorporated in QGIS software. The thematic layers are referred to the Greek Geodetic System: EGSA ’87.

We classify our open data in thematic layers for:

  • Sidewalks
  • Ramps
  • Crossings
  • Pedestrian streets
  • Various obstacles for pedestrian movement
  • Public spaces


Sidewalks and ramps are categorised via certain criterias (such as width, slope, gradient etc.), in three categories:

  • Green color: Accessible sidewalks
  • Yellow color: Semi-accessible sidewalks

Red color: Non-accessible sidewalks